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I have selected a few differnt subscribtions on google reader that I feel will go along with our class: Literary Response to War. Many of these subscriptions appear in others google readers. We have many of the same reasons for selecting them. I feel each should give me articles I can use to write responses to books we our reading. I believe some may yield better results then others but I will still subscribe to them. Well without furter rambling I will get on with it. I will go aphabeticly because that is the way they are listed in my google reader.

1. American Forces Information services- This is a kind of obvious one when you think how can it compare to what we our reading in class. I feel the best source of  information about war is from the ones fighting the war. I believe this site will be good because it will talk about issues that the mass media may not see as important.

2. Asia Times Online- This subscription I think will be good because it will give a differnt point of view. I think it will be less biased then American news and will look at issues in a completly differnt cultural understanding. Which I think will give a differnt look at war and what that means in the east.

3. B.B.C news-( world edition)- I think this site will be more similar to american news coverage but slightly differnt. BBC is a world leader in news and has always done a good job reporting on events around the world. I think this site will be a very good one for me.

4. CNN.com- (world)- Once again CNN is also a world leader in news and will have a lot of information about the world. I chose the world section becuase I was hoping to get information about other wars around the world besides the ones America is in.

5. Foxnews.com- I selected this subscription because Fox News tends to be more conservative then most United States news stations. This will give me a more conservative look at the wars and stories from them.

6. Iraq today- This site will be really good because it gives a day to day account of what is happening in Iraq. This is good because I will get more stories right from where the war is being fought. I think this site will be very good in my search to compare the books we our reading and what is happening in today’s wars.

7. Jerusalem Post- I feel this site will give me a good look at how are closest friend and allie feels about the war. Israel and Palastin will never be at peace therefore, I will also get a look at their conflict.

8. Military Top Stories Center (military.com)- Once again I will state I feel the best way to learn about war is from the ones who fight it.

9. NYT- This subscription is from one of Americas leading papers and I believe will have good information.

10. The sandbox- Because this site is written straight from the men and women from the front lines I believe that this will be one of my best resources. I also feel that it will give a more intimate and human view at war.

11. USA Today- USA Today is another top American paper that will provide a lot of news to write about.



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Hey everyone how are we doing today. I know the way of the warrior blog page is still under  construction so hold on. I just want to say that this class looks very interesting and I hope it is fun.

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